Aspose.Imaging Image merge Micro App 23.11 Release Notes

Aspose.Imaging Image Merge Micro Application is released.

Major Features

  • It enables “no code” or “low code” usage of the high-demand image merging feature powered by Aspose.Imaging .NET API:

    • “No code” use is supported via the command line interface, which is specialized for image merge purposes;

    • “Low code” usage is allowed via specialized high-level image merge API, which may be easily used from your C# .NET7 code.

  • You may create photo or image collage from the variety of popular image fromats, supported by Aspose.Imaging .NET;

  • Merge operation may be customized using various layout (Horizontal, Vertical, Grid) and image size adjustment options (adjust to Biggest, Smallest image or without (None) adjustmnet);

  • We preserve original aspect ratio, so your input images are not distorted on result of the merge;

  • You may limit the resulting image by width, height;

  • There are margin size and background color options;

  • You may specify background color of collage using verbal definition or Html Hex code notation ("#RRGGBB", “#RGB”, “#RRGGBBAA”, “#RGBA”).

Got a Query?

Have any questions or queries about the application? Please feel free to reach us on Aspose.Imaging Apps Free support forum, where our technical team will do their best to assist you further.